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Monica's 5 Tips to improve credit score

1. Have 3 active trade lines.
2. Automate recurring payments. Avoid late payments.
3. Don't borrow more than 1/2 of allowed credit limit.
4. Don't pay off car loan in advance.
5. Don't be afraid to ask for credit counseling.
Home Buyer
Seller Tips

Rajeev's Tips for home sellers

1. Find out what your home is worth ?
2. Figure out if you need to sell first in order to buy.
3. Plan where you want to buy your next home -
You might move from Sunnyvale to San Ramon or Fremont Ardenwood to Fremont         
Mission or Newark to Pleasanton or Oakland to San Jose or within a mile from where
you live now... the combinations are endless!
4. Dress your home for sale. Store away extra items.
5. Review/enhance lighting in the rooms.
6. Keep a copy of your loan statement handy. Find out if there will be pre-payment
penalty on your loan.
7. Plan selling time frame if you need to (and haven't completed) complete 2 years
at the property before you sell.
8. Are there any major repairs required (Roof, property, termite) ?
9. Click on the following links to read up on

How to sell your home at the Highest Possible Price

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Home
SF Bay Area Realtor Real Estate Agent Fremont Newark Union City
SF Bay Area Realtor Real Estate Agent Fremont Newark Union City

Rajeev's Tips for home buyers

1. Plan the area(s) where you want to buy your home.
2. Prioritize what is important to you in a home (other than price).
3. Estimate your daily commute time to work from the area you plan to buy in.
4. Get your downpayment ready. Most lenders look for "seasoning" of funds.
5. If schools are a priority, call to ensure what school the home is affiliated      
6. Consult a Sr. loan consultant (Monica ?) to estimate your monthly
payments based upon your reserves, credit score, % down and estimated
purchase price.